Glass: The sweet smell of success

publisher: Angela
Time: 2018-05-22
You wouldn’t necessarily associate intricate and beautiful perfume bottles. However, Glass has proven to be an ideal solution for this industry thanks to its many superior properties which give it the look and feel of an expensive shaped.

The world’s major perfume brands are selling a scent. But the look and feel of their packaging is of immense importance. Perfume bottles are not always made entirely of plastic and bottle lids are often made from other materials, like Aluminum. The challenge is finding a material that not only protects the perfume, but also looks and feels good.

Glass has proven to be an ideal perfume bottle material for one major brand. The material is extremely tough and difficult to dent or scratch. Yet…it can be molded into the most intricate and sophisticated designs with the look and feel

This unique is able to achieve all these things because of some outstanding properties – not least processing characteristics: It can be molded very easily and has excellent dimensional stability – which means less wastage and greater efficiency in the manufacturing process.

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