How to Make a Perfume Bottle

Perfume bottles are not only a place to put your perfume but also can be seen as a work of art. Therefore, making perfume bottles as gifts is a wonderful idea that is smart, simple and fun to do (not to mention cost-effective). However, there are some things that one must keep in mind when choosing the right perfume bottle for your project.

Pick a material and color of perfume bottle that will not interfere with your fragrant. For example, some oils require to be kept in opaque containers (usually of tinted color like red or blue) to keep the sunlight out from tampering and reacting with the elements that are in the perfume bottle. The sun can pose damage to your fragrant and even change the smell of your scent. Therefore it is best to pick colored bottles (especially if you are unsure if the type of oil that is in the perfume) and that is made of glass instead of metal or plastic.

Go to the craft store (where the perfume bottles are also located) to pick the types of paint and embellishments you want for your perfume bottle. However, remember to pick the materials that are most conducive to the type of material your bottle is made of. For example, if your bottle is made of glass, make sure the paint you choose will stay on the glass instead of streaking on it.

Add beads and other embellishments like a tassel or even a bow to wrap and present your perfume bottles to your friends or family. Bead work is often something that is simple to do, since you are choosing to create your own design, but it also has a very visual effect on the arrangement of the perfume bottle. Furthermore, pick a super glue so that your beads and other materials will not fall off your perfume bottle.

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